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OUR SERVICESBenefits to Vinyl Flooring

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Vinyl happens to be one of the most affordable flooring types on the market today.
Water-Resistant And Insulating
Vinyl creates an insulating layer in the home that can help with efficiency and is also resistant to water and moisture, unlike real wood flooring.
A Vast Array Of Finishes
Vinyl is now printed in a wide variety of looks, patterns and colors. Many of these styles look almost like the real material they are simulating.
Easy To Maintain
Vinyl floor varieties have a resilient protective coating that makes it resistant to staining and dirt. This makes cleanup easier than many flooring types.

Types of Vinyl Flooring

The two main types of vinyl flooring are vinyl roll flooring, also known as vinyl sheet flooring, and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). Manufacturers usually offer a range of vinyl flooring products within each of these categories, with each product offering specific characteristics suited to specific applications.

Modern vinyl roll is a durable, practical and affordable flooring option that also offers an extraordinary choice of designs: from brilliant colours, playful abstracts and black and white, to perfect reproductions of natural materials such as wood and stone.

Vinyl roll is a multi-layer vinyl with a printed top layer. It comes in large, continuous, flexible sheets, and there are usually very few if any seams when installed. Vinyl roll is therefore usually recommended in areas subject to moisture, such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry.

LVT, which stands for luxury vinyl tile, is a multi-layered, waterproof, resilient flooring available in either rigid or flexible vinyl tiles or planks. Similar to vinyl roll, LVT is a durable and practical flooring option that also offers a wide choice of designs and styles, from timeless and classic to trendy designs.

Vinyl vs Laminate

Vinyl flooring and laminate flooring offer many of the same advantages: durability, good looks, economy and easy do-it-yourself installation. From a distance, both types of flooring even look similar.

Neither type of flooring is better than the other across all categories. Vinyl flooring is best in high-moisture areas and it’s easy to keep clean. Yet laminate flooring offers a wider variety of style choices.

At D&M Hardwood Flooring, we recommend our clients choose vinyl flooring over laminate.

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